2020-2022 – Omnispace 2-3.

Omnispace 2. visitors view

A space-specific light installation.

Dimensions: 60×60 cm black wooden platform, hemisphere mirror, HD projector, Raspberry-pi 3
05:00 min. video-loop


site-specific half-dome video projection, 5-minute video loop

The second version of the OMNISPACE installation at the Lighthouse Association’s ON exhibition in Debrecen, in the resting room area at the Csokonai Theatre.

This space is like a prayer booth or a small chapel. The half-dome projection turns it into a two-person meditation space where the projected image centered to the viewpoints of the visitors. Hence the name of this object: ‘Omni-Space’.

The first version was exhibited at the Latarka Gallery of the Polish Institute, Budapest in 2017, where it projected onto the vaulted ceiling of the basement of the exhibition space:

(an ongoing development)

In the first version, the exhibition space is modified by the projected animation, but the projection-mapping process makes it fit perfectly.
The viewer can be part of the projection in the mirror as distorted but the reflection undistorted on the ceiling.
In the second version, the animation projected by the mirror is stretched and distorted in the exhibition space, but appears undistorted in the mirror, so that the viewer becomes part of the projected world in the mirror.
In the planned third new version, a spatial grid mapping the space is projected from the mirror onto the walls and ceiling, but with the help of a sensor connected to the media-player, the viewer can interact with the projection and thus create the distortion by his presence in the space.
The viewer creates moire and caustic refractions in his environment by his reflection.
The first version is about an extension/expansion, augmentation, a projection of an inner world (the instinctual world, according to the theme of the exhibition), a response to the world and the environment.
(We see ourselves as distorted in the mirror, but perfect in projection)
The second version is about turning away from the world, looking inward, a prayer, a meditation.
(The world is not interesting, we can only find perfection within)
While the third version is about impacting the environment, the world, we modify space with our presence, our self seen in the mirror causes the play of light in projection, we interact with the outside world, our movement causes refractions, our energy is visualized.
(The world is our reflection)


30×60 white wooden platform, a quarter-sphere mirror-ball,
Full HD projector, Raspberry-pi 4 with proximity sensor or PC with a webcam.

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