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3D animation and visual effects for high resolution projection – 3D videomapping, architectural and stage-projection

architectural mapping workshop

Riders on the Mall / ROM / Budapest, 27-29 May, 2016


14:00-17:00 / 2pm-5pm || workshop









14:00-17:00 / 2pm-5pm || workshop
Architekturális mapping workshop by VICSEK Viktor (https://vimeo.com/viktorvicsek ), KOVÁCS Ivó (https://3dvideomapping.net/ )
REGISZTRÁCIÓ: program@muszi.org
Részvételi díj / participation fee: 3000 HUF
(diákjegy/for students: 1500 HUF)
*** More info on the workshops: https://ridersonthemall.com/portfolio/video-mapping-workshop-vicsek-viktor-kovacs-ivo
>>Művelődési Szint (Müszi)
Blaha Lujza tér 1., Budapest, Hungary, 1085

15-16. February 2013

architectural projection/ video mapping projection workshop
2D/3D projection mapping on a sculpted objects

‘2D versus 3D mapping possibilities’

mapping object

mapping workshop object for video-projection

more info: avopenstudios.com

The lecture outlines:

Mini Course:

– based on an existing blueprint/ design
– drawing on site
– based on photography
– using the laser scanning
– projector scan in practice.
– full surface/ camera projection
– by angles/ by surfaces

In a nutshell about video-projectors:
– the DLP technology, lenses, the lens-shift

Using a Vj software as the video output.
General concept/ user interface
compositions, layers, masks,
multi-screen setup, edge-blending.

Producing off-line video content for the projection:
General concept, user interfaces
Compositions/timelines/layers, masks, effects, keyframes.

in practice: – ‘The classic growing-line effect’ –

Simple 3D in post-production softwares.
Further possibilities, additional softwares.

The 2,5D camera projection,
perspective correction, lens correction

the 3D mapping:

UVW Map, video textures, camera projection
Light/Shadow plays, 3D transformations, fake 3D effects.
Examples in 3D

About scanning a building, architectural photography
Scanning with a cheap game-controller.

Further possibilities, extending the show:

Stereo 3D, interactivity, realtime-generated, audio-reactive
about DMX, Artnet, and Lights
Media servers, commercial video-player systems,
Sculptures, objects, stage-design, using the existing architecture,
projecting on humans/dancers, moving objects.


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