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Recent applied art:

ATLANTIS 2008, Inauguration Ceremony of the Palm Jumeirah Island, Dubai

Atlantis Show
Atlantis Show

role: 3d artist, compositing

animation: 14:30 min. , 7860p x 2860 px, size of projection: 240m x 100m
videotechnics: 33 x HD2k videoprojectors of 25.000 – 30.000 Ansi Lumen
Architectural Projection made by: VLS
Producer, Concept and Direction: Edd Griles
Art director: Marie Jeanne Gauthe
Animation made in collaboration with 3d artists:
Zsolt Laszlo Bordos, Giovanni Bourgeois, Sam Chauvin, Romain Politi, Olivier Danna
technical direction: VLS.

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A colorized still image from an early stage..

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