2020 – InterSECTION – Frankfurt am Main

The artwork, InterSECTION, was created for Luminale 2020 Light Festival. The inspiration came from the combination of characteristic architectural style and the skyscrapers of the modern era in Frankfurt am Main. This unique aspect inspired us to illustrate the duality in an abstract manner, whereas the flow of the animation enchants us in a dreamy world. The classical meets modern theme can also be recognized by the visuals of ‘porcelain’ contrasting with digital ‘bit-pieces’. In regards to the music, the somewhat “classical” composition is accompanied by a more modern sound design element. Though they differ in terms of style, they perfectly complement each other. Even the title „InterSECTION” refers to these dualities, while it also implies that the audience is supposed be surrounded by projection in the middle of the square. We can therefore consider them as the intersection, as the show was designed for their entertainment. After all, the show was not officially projected due to the coronavirus pandemic, although the recording of the rehearsal is ready to present our latest show.

Art Directors: Laszlo Czigany, Andras Sass
3D Animation Artists: Szilvia Fabok, Laszlo Czigany, Ivo Kovacs
Concept Artist: Norbert Birgany
Music: SunriseREC
Music Edit & Sound Design: Flaviu Ciocan (BTA)
Project Manager: Agnes Szentannai
Producer: Tamas Vaspori

Extracted from Maxin10sity’s trailer, this extract contains only
Ivo Kovacs (a.k.a. ivo3d)’s part for demo purpose,
all further rights goes to Maxin10sity.



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