2008 – Atlantis Show at Dubai

Designed by Marie-Jeanne Gauthé (creative director for Jean Michel Jarre in Paris), animated by Laszlo Zsolt Bordos, Ivo Kovacs (ivo3d.com) Giovanni Bourgois and three other animator from France (Sam Chauvin, Romain Politi, Olivier Danna) the visual display used the 300 metre-wide Royal Towers as a canvas to visualise the story of Atlantis, making it the most ambitious HD video projection on a standing surface.

Atlantis projection-mapping @ Dubai 2008

Official Inauguration of the Jumeirah Palm Island in Dubai.
animation: 14:30 min , 7860p x 2860px
size of projection: 300m x 110m
videotechnics: VLS
Art director: Marie Jeanne Gauthe
Technical direction: Simon Ransom
Concept and Direction: Edd Griles
Producer: Jerry Inzerillo
A Kerzner International Production 2008

More pictures from the show: >> link<< and >>link<<



The Palm, Dubai

Grand Opening Ceremony


Some pics:


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