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3D animation and visual effects for high resolution projection – 3D videomapping, architectural and stage-projection

Disneyland Paris 2010

Disneyland Paris – New Generation Festival – Press Event

presenting the new characters of Disney


8450*1556 pixels of resolution, approx. 250m width
architectural projection with mapping by VLS.
~17 min 3D/2D animation

role: 3D/2D animations, visual effects, cloth sims. for:

– Making the new characters to parachute, cartoon-styled Big-Waves,
electro-shocking Toy Story with the slinky dog called ZigZag and a lot of other things. –

In a good collaboration with Bordos László Zsolt, Giovanni Bourgeois and Thierry Masson
under the artistic direction of Nathanaelle Picot

And of course, it was a great opportunity to meet again with the two creative minds from Disney:
Denis and Thierry.

And at last but not least: The project were made under the wings of VLS, so
big Up! and thank you again.

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more pictures and videos will coming soon..


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