HELL HOPE SHORE-MACHINE # 1 Homage to F. Hundertwasser and his mouldiness-manifesto.
Theatre | Dance | Projection-Art – special guest: shibari-performer BoschiNawa First staging Dec. 2017 | Duration: 55 minutes | language: German or English
TRAVELLING CREW: 7 persons (2 fm, 5 m): Ismene Bea Egyed (HUN) | BoschiNawa (D) | Cru Thomas Krutmann (D) | Cubehead Ursula Wüsthof (D) | Light Ferenc Payer (HUN) | projection- and mapping-art Ivó Kovács (HUN) | choreography, directed by Kristóf Szabó (D)

ISMENE DANCING – full docu.
F.A.C.E. Szabó Mixed Media Ensemble Kristóf Szabó mit dem F.A.C.E. Ensemble TEAM: Ismene BEA EGYED | Meister mit Hut BÖSCHI NAWA | Baumeister kru THOMAS KRUTMANN | Ur-Mutter URSULA WÜSTHOF | Fremder (?) | Licht GARLEF KEßLER | Layout: KLAUS A. BURTH | Video- und Mapping-Art IVÓ KOVÁCS | Choreografie-Regie KRISTÓF SZABÓ

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