2018 – Coming Out – DARK

The coming out of a Catholic gay man – homage to P.P.Pasolini

  • performed in Temeswar (RO) at the Euroregional Festival TESZT 2018.
    “The production like a punch to the chest deeply touched my heart” (Judit Simon)
    “Szabó‘s show of visual art and movement figured out Pasoloni’s inner conflicts by a young man‘s coming out. And this continued to be a matter of heated debate, again: The church, politicians and people being afraid of themselves are still working against liberty of minorities, esp. the gay one. For Pasolini there was no hope, and today there is still very much to do, esp. in Eastern Europe.
    A very important show for human rights, diversity, understanding.” Dieter Topp
    projection-art: Ivó Kovács ivo3d.com
    performer: Adrián Castelló
    sculpture: Mike Kleinen
    light: Ferenc Payer
    interview & poetry: P.P. Pasolini
    speech: B. Obama
    texts, choreography: José Sánchez – Kristóf Szabó
    concept, directed by Kristóf Szabó
photo by Petru Cojocaru
projection-art,  performer: Adrián Castelló
photo by Petru Cojocaru
Coming Out at TESZT Festival 2018 in Temesvár – full length documentation
First/ Premier version @Bakelit, Budapest 2017

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