2012 – Philoktet

Philoktet 2012 – short video trailer –

PHILOKTET by F.A.C.E. Szabó MixedmediaEnsemble premiere 2012 documentation by Mike Kleinen


PHILOKTET – Premiere

TheatreDance by Kristóf Szabó F.A.C.E.

With long-poems from „The overripe garden Belly Sweetheart Breath“ (Kristóf Szabó) and live chant by Brigitte Küpper

Premiere: Wednesday,. 28 November 2012 // 20h

Further shows: 29 and 30 November, 1 December //20h and 2 Dezember // 18h

Venue: Barnes Crossing – Freiraum für TanzPerformanceKunst (Free Space for DancePerformanceArt)

Industriestraße 170 | 50999 Cologne| Germany

Ticket reservation: 02236-963588 or

info@barnescrossing.de, www.barnescrossing.de

Rates: 13€ / 9€ (reduced)

Philoktet (heroic warrior and best archer in the Greek army) is poisoned by his own super weapon, which he has inherited from Hercules, and on the way to war in Troya soon he is obsessed by cruel visions.

Applied photography by Cecilia Szabó

Applied photography by Cecilia Szabó

Ancient sources tell this story in a very different way and speak of a snakebite which wouldn’t heal up. Left behind by his comrades on the island Lemnos, Philoktet tries to heal the snakebite… Or rather- as nowadays many US soldiers to handle a war trauma and understand the world and its laws in a new way… The battle of the heroic man against the female parts of his mind soon reaches its climax in surrealistic images.

In the leading parts: Mack Kubicki (PHILOKTET) and Kathrin Wankelmuth (PSYCHE), the (animation) films by Ivó Kovács (Budapest) go along with the production. The acoustic installation by Jules Desgoutte (Lyon) recreates the sound-space, in which Brigitte Küpper (moved voice and language) as a NARRATOR accompanies the events on stage in a singing and narrative way.

PHILOKTET Mack Kubicki (TheaterTanz) PSYCHE Kathrin Wankelmuth (TheaterTanz) VISION Lisa Laux (Off-Voice) MOVED VOICE AND LANGUAGE (live)Brigitte Küpper ANIMATION FILM Ivó Kovács ELECRONIC SOUND ARTJules Desgoutte COSTUME Emese Kasza LIGHT Garlef Keßler ART DESIGNdesignrevolte.de APPLIED PHOTOGRAPHY Cecilia Szabó PR Mechtild Tellmann Kulturmanagement PR PICTURES Mike Kleinen CHOREOGRAPHY Kubicki – Wankelmuth – Szabó STAGE SETTING, STAGE SETTING ASSISTANT Katrin Poddey
 Kristóf Szabó www.kristof-szabo.com

Sponsored by the City of Cologne|Cultural Office

This performance is developed and premiered on the premises of BARNES CROSSING Freiraum für TanzPerformanceKunst.

A production of SPOTNIK – intermedial arts Cologne


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