Neo-baroque I. – Deleted scene – VR (mono) version

Neo-baroque I. – Deleted scene – VR (mono) version – up to 8K
Neo-baroque I. – Deleted scene – VR (mono) version – up to 8K – youtube version

This scene was originally made for the ‘Neo-Baroque’ video-projection installation. But since it didn’t fit into the installation’s Neo-baroque topic, I decided to publish/release it as a separate file, as a 8K VR-mono video experience.

Eternity is a mental construction – that’s why it is so interesting from an artistic perspective. As we could read in the dialogs of Timaeus by Plato: ‘the time is the moving images of the eternity’. Or an other quote from Obras Completas by Jorge Luis Borges (in the essay about the story of the eternity): ‘Aeternitas est merum hodie, est inmediata et lucida fruitio rerum infinitarum’ – in a draft translation:
‘The eternity is nothing else but sheer today, direct and pure enjoyment of infinite things’.

So let’s enjoy this journey through your brain here and now!

(use your mouse/phone to rotate view and zoom in and out and push the quality gear up to higher resolution)


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