‘Neo-baroque I.’ projection, full documentation in VR mono/4K

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‘Neo-baroque I.’ was a 8 minutes two-channel video-projection on the ceiling of the Csokonai Theater’s staircase.
The projection was made for especially this location, and it was a part of the Lighthouse ‘ON’ sight specific group exhibition. (The exhibition ‘ON’ presents works by artists of Lighthouse light-art society at an unusual location by utilizing the special atmosphere of Csokonai Theater in Debrecen, Hungary and turning it into an impromptu art gallery: https://lighthouse.art/)

This is the full-length documentation, rendered in VR/360 mono format.


00:00 – 01:58
Some fractal based space-filling algorithms fills the space equally and symmetrically in every direction – the ‘journey’ starts from ‘realism’. Synchro-act’ issues. (this part made with mandelbulb3d)
00:02 – 04:48
– ‘Traveling without moving’ – the time factor has arrived, but the motions are illusory since there no place to go. We were left in the origin, only the world travels around us. Positive-negative spaces crossing each other, while some lights scanning/examining them. (Signed distance fields algorithm, made with Notch)
04:50 – 05:27
– ‘Di-vision’ or you could say – the limited, separated views caused this. The space is melting and then separated into two in a repeated way, day by day, like everyday.
05:28 – 06:21
– The space plays itself – ‘Game of Life’ like algorithms – Space – self-checking, some reflects in a Cartesian space.
06:22 – 07:28
– ‘Conceptual heaven’ – eternity is just a mental construction – the inner turbulence fields became so complex that it seams like an ancient baroque space-filler. In order to emphasize the effect some cloud-like turbulence were added behind, and the sky color is the ‘video-empty’ technical blue color (R:0,G:0,B:255). Conceptually empty, but rich in appearance. (‘There are nothing but appears as everything’)
07:29 – 08:02
– ‘Dissolve’ scene – a kind of a classic ending – everything dissolves back to space (in a clockwise direction – should be in counterclockwise), there were nothing, but through the conditions it appeared as everything.

The creative process was almost a seemingly unconscious process, which is dangerous because then subconscious patterns can take control and the end result will be cliché-like.
Thus, this work is also a summary of the experience (clichés) of the last ten years in the field of video mapping.
I hope that with the fact that abstract video has got a classic story arch, it also reflects today’s post-Baroque (post-truth, post-internet) era.


Video-snippet from the projection of ‘Cain meets Lucifer’ theatrical piece

For the topic of Mass Manipulation…

WARNING! The following video includes explicit blood and violence
Some viewers may find upsetting or disturbing.
+18 Restricted-R Viewer discretion advised!

Video-snippet from the projection of the theatrical piece:
‘Cain meets Lucifer’ by F.A.C.E. Visual Performing Arts

‘…- Am I the guardian of my brother?’

Full documentation:


Next theater show at Orangerie Theater, Cologne., 24th October, 2020

COMING SOON… PROMETHEISCH CULTURE – an intermedial performance with texts by Aeschylus, Marinetti, Shelley, Kafka, Brock… video-projection art Ivó Kovács (ivo3d.com), actor: Maximilian von Mühlen, voice-art Natalia Voskoboynikova, shibari performance & live – installation Boshi Nawa, directed by Kristóf Szabó, premiere: 24th October, 2020 at Orangerie Theater Cologne.

Neo-baroque I. – Deleted scene – VR (mono) version

Neo-baroque I. – Deleted scene – VR (mono) version – up to 8K
Neo-baroque I. – Deleted scene – VR (mono) version – up to 8K – youtube version

This scene was originally made for the ‘Neo-Baroque’ video-projection installation. But since it didn’t fit into the installation’s Neo-baroque topic, I decided to publish/release it as a separate file, as a 8K VR-mono video experience.

Eternity is a mental construction – that’s why it is so interesting from an artistic perspective. As we could read in the dialogs of Timaeus by Plato: ‘the time is the moving images of the eternity’. Or an other quote from Obras Completas by Jorge Luis Borges (in the essay about the story of the eternity): ‘Aeternitas est merum hodie, est inmediata et lucida fruitio rerum infinitarum’ – in a draft translation:
‘The eternity is nothing else but sheer today, direct and pure enjoyment of infinite things’.

So let’s enjoy this journey through your brain here and now!

(use your mouse/phone to rotate view and zoom in and out and push the quality gear up to higher resolution)

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