KNI opening at Bakelit 19.09.2010

Videó Kővágó Nagy Imre kiállításmegnyitójához (Testképek)
Video for Imre Nagy Kővágó’s exhibition (Body-images) at BAKELIT Multi Art Center

Zombie – photo: KNI, model: Zsófia Anna Bicskey, video: Ivó Kovács

KNI: Body pictures – the first season
exhibition opening
19.09.2010 Bakelit M.A.C.
Kővágó Nagy Imre: Testképek – az első évad
kiállítás megnyitó


About: Paint up!

Hungary’s annual Night of Museums’ Festival —designed to attract the general public with non-traditional,
specialist art programmes — took on a new complexion this year.
The new ‘Paint Up!’ architectural video mapping challenge was hailed in the Hungarian press as the most outstanding event of the Festival.

Video-Mapping Workshop / Budapest (via 1024 Architecture / Blog, Quartz Composer plugins, stuff, whatever …)

Video-Mapping Workshop / Budapest Next week, from 18 to 23 october, I'll be giving a video-mapping workshop in Budapest, during the Cinetrip/VJ Torna festival. It will be the very-first appearence of MadMapper, a more-than-awesome-and-super-easy-to-use video mapping software, that 1024 Architecture is developing hand-in-hand with GarageCube, the makers of Modul8. The best part is that MadMapper will feature native communication with Modul8 and QC, unlimited mapped surfaces, maski … Read More

via 1024 Architecture / Blog, Quartz Composer plugins, stuff, whatever …

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