DEEP BREATH trailer is online now!
Keep watching, thank you

“DEEP BREATH is about death in deed –but also about peace of mind!” (Campus online)
(Duration: 55 min) dancers: Hannah Platzer, András Dobi, Karolina Tóth, off-voice: Rania Dimtsia,
animation: Ivó Kovács (, invited artist animation: László Zsolt Bordos (,
costume-design: Emese Kasza (, artwork: designrevolte, light: Jan Hartmann,
photo-documentation: Mike Kleinen | Galerie Brotlos,
video-documentation: Christoph Grothe & Wolfram Bange, set-design,
director-choreographer: Kristóf Szabó

DEEP BREATH, a trio with 4 performers, dives into the time before time and there discovers a man and a woman,
dressed into black and white bands, vulnerable, searching, liberating, overpowering each other in the sign of their inescapable death.
They are captive in a white territory, their mental hell, surrounded by a black universe which is revealed to them in the language of eternal geometry.

A creature haunts the place, the concierge. She supervises, she moves 7 stones like 7 planets through the universe, pours sand like time,
but one night she is deceived by a man in a fool’s cap, yes, even ripped off, and she starts making mistakes; in view of the initiating love of the human couple,
she becomes jealous of emotion and intimacy and advances into the white territory, takes a deep breath herself in order to breath, like a human.
Her mind is beset by fears. Human suffering moves into her head. Once born, death takes domination over her.

Thus she grasps at straws and puts together a magic ball, perhaps the orb of a great empire, maybe just a ball uniting the opposites of the world,
like the world formula; she leaves it to man, so that he rule over everything! — Or find the way to free himself — and her.
What happens when man picks up courage to give up power? Was the insight in paradise:
„The world has no truth, it is free and empty “? Poetry is the bicycle of the mind.

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