Veled is… | Could happen…

“Veled is megtörténhet” Radnóti Est a Radnóti Emlékév alkalmából, Szeged, 2009

“Could happen to you, too” Radnóti’s memorial evening,  Szeged, Hungary, 2009

a drama based on Radnóti’s poetry,

poem recitation by Bea Melkvi and Attila Harsányi

Directed by Attila Harsányi
3D animation and screenings by Ivó Kovács


Miklós Radnóti is one of the most famous Hungarian poet, who fell victim to The Holocaust. After a long and tiring force-march, he was shot into a mass grave near the village of Abda in Northwestern Hungary. Throughout the last months of his life, he continued to write poems in a little notebook he kept with him. These final poems are lyrical and poignant and represent some of the few works of literature composed during the Holocaust that survived. Possibly his best known poem is the fourth stanza of the ‘Razglednicák’, where he describes the shooting of another man and then envisions his own death.

head-shoot test frame for Radnoti’s screenings

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