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3D animation and visual effects for high resolution projection – 3D videomapping, architectural and stage-projection

Time Warp Holland 2011 videomapping – video archive

3d artist/ Vjs: Bordos.Artworks/bordos.eu
Ivo Kovacs/ ivo3d.com
Light design: BeMo /bemo.ws
camera: Zsuzsánna Váli
soundtrack: Secret Cinema & Kalden Bess – Pow Pow (Ground Factory)

Videomapping & Live Vjing @ Time Warp Holland festival 2011/ Brabanthallen – Hertogenbosch/ Netherlands/ /10-12-2011


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Chris TW Holland


Check time-warp.de for more details!

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Time Warp 2011

time warp 2011

Thank you for coming!

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Daily Vj 2010

Daily Vj 2010 music: radio tilos archive (1996)

Maybe a bit boring, but for to do the housework – might work…:)


For those, who’ve been left home, but also had a lot of dishes to wash:)


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