‘Stepping out of the traditional framework of exhibitions—Interview with curator Viola Lukács’ – Another article about ‘Klara and the Sun’ exhibition @Pegazus, Hungary.

COVID-19 Biological 3D animation for sale in 4K

Use the exclusive account to download or contact us directly, or use the PayPal link below. Customized 3d animation requests

COVID-19 Biological 3D animation for sale

30 sec. of biological 3d animation about COVID-19 Corona-virus. 4K resolution, h.264 codec, 263 MB, download link for the file


COVID-19 Biological 3D animation for sale in 4K


DEEP BREATH trailer is online now!
Keep watching, thank you

“DEEP BREATH is about death in deed –but also about peace of mind!” (Campus online)
(Duration: 55 min) dancers: Hannah Platzer, András Dobi, Karolina Tóth, off-voice: Rania Dimtsia,
animation: Ivó Kovács (, invited artist animation: László Zsolt Bordos (,
costume-design: Emese Kasza (, artwork: designrevolte, light: Jan Hartmann,
photo-documentation: Mike Kleinen | Galerie Brotlos,
video-documentation: Christoph Grothe & Wolfram Bange, set-design,
director-choreographer: Kristóf Szabó

DEEP BREATH, a trio with 4 performers, dives into the time before time and there discovers a man and a woman,
dressed into black and white bands, vulnerable, searching, liberating, overpowering each other in the sign of their inescapable death.
They are captive in a white territory, their mental hell, surrounded by a black universe which is revealed to them in the language of eternal geometry.

A creature haunts the place, the concierge. She supervises, she moves 7 stones like 7 planets through the universe, pours sand like time,
but one night she is deceived by a man in a fool’s cap, yes, even ripped off, and she starts making mistakes; in view of the initiating love of the human couple,
she becomes jealous of emotion and intimacy and advances into the white territory, takes a deep breath herself in order to breath, like a human.
Her mind is beset by fears. Human suffering moves into her head. Once born, death takes domination over her.

Thus she grasps at straws and puts together a magic ball, perhaps the orb of a great empire, maybe just a ball uniting the opposites of the world,
like the world formula; she leaves it to man, so that he rule over everything! — Or find the way to free himself — and her.
What happens when man picks up courage to give up power? Was the insight in paradise:
„The world has no truth, it is free and empty “? Poetry is the bicycle of the mind.

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