Some theories, aka bla-bla-bla

Some theories, aka bla-bla…

Preface/ disclosure

First and foremost, it is said, when you start to do or make something, you should start with your motivation. When your motivation is cleared from your personal scales – your actions will not miss your target after – your action will benefit the others.
This is your sandbox, your only protection – your cleared and examined motivation.
The ‘local railway lines’ becomes uninteresting.
You will soon find yourself in the mainstream of desires, where you will need this protection and the ability to see further than your boundaries marked. You won’t miss and loose the big picture anymore, just keep the focus.

router – ‘avoid the local railway lines’, photo by

When you start to write a critique (in this case about an art-form) often happens that your driving force is your anger. They say, when you think – for example in a debate – that you are right, it is actually an expression of anger. Obviously, we should avoid the feeling in any form. Actually it is not a pleasant feeling anyway.
According to the traditional Buddhist view, we could distinguish between the relative and absolute state of the truth. As a deeply concerned idealist, I suppose there is an absolute state of truth, which comes from the understanding the nature of the mind, while the relative truth is the understanding how nature works, e.g. understanding the phenomenons in the world. This idea somewhat correlates with the European tradition, which was built upon the ancient Greek tradition (Plato, Socrates, Aristotle), restarted with the renaissance and fully blossomed in the enlightenment movement.
I was built upon these traditions, on the same time I am aware, that we are living in a post-modern, a post-truth world, where facts have become opinions, truth is just the question of the rhetoric and money, propaganda was renamed to marketing, art validated by its market value, businessman have lost their numbers but got instead visions and the public opinion has become the irreplaceable, unquestionable God.
What’s more, we are going to cement these patterns with the machine learning methods for the prolonged and already saved future. The system of the uncertainty was balanced finally.
This landscape is going to be quite frightening.

‘Punny humans feels there is something missing…’

And then, a sudden flash:

At least we have found something in common in us.

It is time to get back our culture, this will save us e.g. through the (healthcare) science first, then the rest, the Republic, Rule of law, our cultural heritage and Art.
Nature also got a breath for a moment, hopefully it won’t be our last too.

Take this time for educating yourself, we will need to get your brain back, a bit rewired:)

to be continued..


(Short trailer)
über die hugenottenverfolgung, das galante leben und die fiktive ermordung
des SONNENKÖNIGs aus 4 deutschsprachigen barocken trauerspielen von
Andreas Gryphius & Daniel Caspar von Lohenstein
als 5-tes collagiert
von F.A.C.E. ensemble Kristóf Szabó
Termine (UA):
11 & 12. September | Institut francais, Köln
20 Uhr

New trailer – last performance this year: 21 Oktober 2015!



Next event:

– Round table discussion – / related to the ongoing LUDWIG NEXT ‘Monochrome Clack’ exhibition,
(An exhibition by Éva Köves and Andrea Sztojánovits)
January 10, 2014. 17.30:

Discussion about the conventional imaging culture as contemporary painting encounters with an electronic audiovisual projection,
a timeless artwork contacts with the images of the moment.
The problem concerning the repeatability and documentation;
while touching genres such as improvised visualization (Vjing) and architectural video-mapping.

Invited guests:
Éva Köves / artist, painter
Andrea Sztojánovits / artist, Vj
Miklós Peternák  / art historian, professor, head of department (MKE, Intermedia)
János Sugár  / artist, professor (MKE, Intermedia)
Zsolt László Bordos / Video mapping artist, Bordos.ArtWorks
Ivó Kovács / artist, Ivo3d
Zoltán Szegedy-Maszák / artist, professor (MKE Intermedia), the University of Fine Arts Graduate School Head

After the roundtable discussion:

19.30-20:30: Molecule variations – Live Act performance with the participation of the exhibitor artists:
Éva Köves (painting) – Andrea Sztojánovits (video animation) and Gábor Borosi (music)


Paint Up! 2012 invitation

Videomapping the contemporary Art-forum (Mucsarnok), 06.10.2012 flyer, Budapest, Hungary

Our next gig is going to be on this surface:) Paint Up! 06.10.2012
Videomapping the contemporary Artforum/ Kunsthalle/ Műcsarnok/ in
the Heroes Square, Budapest, Hungary
Projection starts at 19:00 pm., our part will projected around 20:00 pm
Let’s meet you there!

After the show, we are going to do some Vjing at the Panel Trax Records’s
anniversary techno-party in the Aquarium Club (the old Gödör Klub),
Erzsébet Square, Budapest
Let’s continue there:)

the official dock. video about the show:

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