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random cuts of March

vj:random cuts of March


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a visual for kidnapping-nl netlabel

and a black & white version, for the artistic minds:

Finally got the permission to put online,
music by Kinko Acid, track name: Warnung
– visuals for kidnapping-nl.com netlabel (publisher)
from last September, 2013
3d animation by ivo3d

Basically there are just a few dots,
representing the sound frequencies from the lower to the higher range.
They draw a circle around themselves, connected with just a thin hairline,
the animation draws itself, according to the provided sound/music,
since the sounds draws/marks the space, if there is no sound, we cannot
experience the space itself too.
Space, light and sound are not separable from each other.
Or one could say, space express itself via light and sound,
and I am glad to experience that.

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Philoktet 2012 – New Photos

Premiere: Mi. 28.November 2012 // 20 Uhr // BARNES CROSSING

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‘Remember me?’

photos by Mike Kleinen

Licht-trilogie 2012

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close up

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