Stereoscopic 3d mapping at Mapping Festival Geneva

Bordos.ArtWorks and Invited Artists: Stereoscopic 3d mapping at Mapping Festival Geneva / Mapping architectural 3D stéréoscopique au Musée d’Art et d’Histoire, Genéve
3d artists: Laszlo Zsolt Bordos, Ivo Kovacs, Daniel Szalko, Andras Miklos Balogh
Sound: Alva Noto – courtesy of Alva Noto and Budde Music / Schubert Music Publishing Tracks: Kristalgitter/Autorec, Uni Dia, Uni Mode, Uni Deform/Unvrs / Label: Raster-Noton
concept & direction: Laszlo Zsolt Bordos / alias Bordos.ArtWorks
organized by: Mapping Festival 2012 and Museum of Art and History, Geneva

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Erzsi Kiss (Music/Vocals)
János Boda (Dance/Movement)
Jules Desgoutte (electronic music)
Ivó Kovács (animation, 3D-animation)
Directing: Kristóf Szabó (Text)

A King and Fortuneteller, who sees More than the Gods may like, is severely punished. Sisyphos is His name. In despair he is crying To the highest God, a Master even to Zeus and Hera: EGO, Lord of the World! Ego is merciful, in the Desert Heat He drives Sisyphos insane and Turns him into the most terrible Tyrant who without any Empathy nourishes himself on the burning world’s smoke. First Victim to His unsatisiable Hunger is His constant Companion – Dear Dog Ugarthos.

By means of Dance Theater, Stage and Animation, Szabo puts on stage a perpetuation of the Parable of Sisyphos. The ancient hero, very much like modern man, seeks luck in self-fulfilment and gets enlaced in the excess of his Ego, till he can’t discern enemies and friends.

The intermedial performance GLÜCK narrates the complex parable of Sisyphos within one hour of Animation movie, 3D-Animation, Dancing, Text and Music.

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