Folding@Home – fight against COVID-19

Join the fight against COVID-19 via Folding@Home

Download and execute from here:

Setup and preferences: How do I choose to help with the COVID-19 related projects ?
To help in the fight against COVID-19, you need to select
– Webcontrol : “Any disease” in the list “I support research fighting”
– Advanced Control/FAHControl : Configure > Advanced, select “Any” in the list “Cause Preference”
The COVID-19 related projects are on top priority and will be assigned automatically.

By downloading Folding@Home, you can donate your unused computational resources to the Folding@home Consortium, where researchers are working to advance our understanding 2019-nCoV. Read their full blog here.

Let’s takeover/defeat this disease as quick as possible!

Meet you there.. & Be healthy!

If anybody knows a similar project – please let me know!