Venice Venice

Free video streaming of the full lenght (75 min.) dance performance. >> VENEDIG VENEDIG (Venice Venice) is a cooperation of K. Szabó F.A.C.E. Visual Performing Arts and Orangerie Theater, Cologne.

Venice Venice – a contemporary dance piece –

additional CAMERA Mike Kleinen
onsite AUDIO Peter Behle
CUT Balázs Lajti (afilm_(dot)_hu)
Joy Kammin, Waithera Schreyeck, Sara Escribano Maenza, Lenah Flaig, Boshi Nawa
STAGE-SET Boshi Nawa
LIGHT Jan Wiesbrock
CHOREOGRAPHY Kristóf Szabó & material by the dancers
DIRECTED by Kristóf Szabó
CONTACT Julia Karl Management
>> face-performingarts_(at)_hotmail_(dot)_com

More info about the piece and F.A.C.E. Visual Performing Arts company:

Mike Kleinen Steinmetz
Stagemoments Foto und Film

Main Supports:  

Stadt Köln Kulturamt

RheinEnergie Stiftung Kultur

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